Kahncepts Gallery Nights to Host JB Burnes This Friday

Kahn’s Furniture in Kahncepts Gallery Nights to Host JB Burnes, Friday August 10th


Miramar Beach sponsors a different local artist every Friday night from 5-7 PM. Complimentary beer & wine is provided during each “Kahncepts Gallery Night.” Kahn’s Furniture is proud to be featuring artist JB Burnes this Friday, August 10, 2018.




Who  is  James “JB” Burnes

(Artist  vs.  Engineer)



From  selling  condos  to  building  sandcastles,  I  have  enjoy

ed  living  along  the  gulf  coast  for  the  past  fifteen  years.



  • I grew up  in  the  Atlanta  area.    My  family  was  in  the

Mechanical  Contra

  • Studied Mechanical Engineering  at  Southern  Tech.
  • As a project
  •   manager  for  GE  Spacenet, I  designed  and  built,  Outsourced  Helpdesks  for  companies  such  as  Georgia  Pacific,  Lockhead  Martin,  Toshiba…
  • While at Radiant  Systems,  my  team  was  responsible  for  CRM and  Knowledge  Base  solutions,  which automated  the  Customer  Service  division  for  POS  support.
  • I then took
    a consultative  sales  role  at  Inference  Corporation to  help  companies  implement  integration  strategies  for  contact  centers.  Web  Based  Self  Help,  Automated  email  support,  Live  Chat.
  • Following the “Dot-Bomb” NASDAQ  crash,  I  decided  to  take  a  lucrative opportunity  selling  resort  properties  along  the  gulf  coast.    I  ran  a  brokerage  in  Panama  City  Beach  and  Perdido  Key,  Florida.
  • I  still  hold  an  active  Real  Estate  Broker  and  CAM  license  in  Florida.

I  am  an  artist who  enjoys  applying  my  engineering  and  trade  skills  on  multiple  mediums:

  • Acrylic Art ·Cabinetry 
  • Carving ·CNC Millwork
  • Concrete Countertops ·Custom  Finishes
  • Epoxy and Resin  ·Furniture  Design
  • Live Edge Slabs  ·Sand  Sculpture
  • Sculpting ·Sign Making
  • Throwing Clay ·Welding  ·Woodworking

I  am  always  seeking  new  challenges  to  further  my  creative  capabilities.

Custom  Orders  Wanted!



Karla Kittridge, another local artist, will also be displaying work on August 10, 2018.


Upcoming artists include Velia Lala on August 17th and  Lauren Ashley Art on August 24th.

Kahn’s Furniture to Host Eddie Forbes Friday 5-7PM


Khan's Furniture - Accessories & Coastal Decor



Kahn’s Furniture to Host Eddie Forbes

Florida native Eddie Forbes will be showcasing his artwork this tonight at Kahn’s Furniture in Miramar Beach, next to the Melting Pot. Join us from 5-7 PM as Eddie answers questions about his techniques and inspiration. Complimentary beer, wine, and light fare will be served during the event. Anyone visiting Kahn’s Furniture this week may enter a raffle for a chance to win one of Eddie’s pieces which will be given away at 6:45 PM tonight, July 13th, 2018.

Eddie attended Savannah College of Art and Design before transferringto the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where he received his B.Sc. in Industrial Design in 2008.


Drawing inspiration from his artistic family and the Florida state parks that he claimed as his back year growing up, Eddie’s art is a charmingly detailed interpretation of Florida Wildlife.


View more of Eddie’s art on his website eddieforbesart.com or in person at Kahn’s Furniture, 11394 US Hwy 98 Suite A, Miramar Beach, FL 32541.