Kahncepts Gallery Night to Feature Amy Douglas





Kahncepts Gallery Night to Feature Amy Douglas



Kahn’s Furniture in Miramar Beach is the Emerald Coast’s newest full-service furniture store. Among many other things that sets Kahn’s apart, each Friday a different artist is featured in a series owner Katie Kahn has dubbed “Kahncepts.” This is a part of a continuous effort to work directly with local artists, craftsmen, and artisans to make pieces that available quickly and affordably. “Amy Douglas is a perfect addition to our growing family,” says Kahn. “Not only does her work display beautifully in the traditional forms, but she is incredibly talented at rehabilitating furniture with skillful faux finishes. She’s exactly what we needed, she fills that gap between artist and craftsmen. So whether she’s putting the final touches on something one of our own carpenters built, or giving a facelift to a client’s

antique armoire so that

it works with their new décor, she’s bringing a highly sought skill to our list of services.”


Amy’s wall art will be on display beginning July 20th. The “Kahncepts Gallery Nights” provides free beer, wine, and lite fare from 5-7 PM. But she will be showcased all week long. Stop in during gallery hours to ask Amy all about her techniques and range of skills now available as one of the many services offered by Kahn’s Furniture in Miramar Beach, next to the Melting Pot.

Amy Douglas has been a decorative artist for over 25 years and 18 of those where right here on the beautiful Emerald Coast. Paint techniques wasn’t always Amy’s calling, “I wanted to be an architect and I studied Mechanical, electrical and architectural engineering and then an oppor

tunity to do some promotional photography work for W.E.A (Warner Brothers, Electra, & Atlantic Records) presenteditself.” Packing up and moving

to Florida with her two children, “Amy’s Paint Brush” took off. Amy took on everything from Small decorative finish jobs to new construction contract pa

inting. Amy continues to educate herself on the latest products and techniques so that she can provide a service that will impress her clients and allow her to feel like a true artist after every job. Have a job you’d like Amy to tackle? Come ask her all about it at Kahn’s Furniture this Friday Night, July 20th, from 5-7PM.


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